SERP SEO friendly strategy

Effective Ways to Land Your SEO Content to SERP

It’s a no-brainer why optimizing SEO content writing is very important to every blog and website article. Organic reach and reaching a wider audience come hand in hand with great content, being visible, and searchable online – aside from landing the first page of every Google search or SERP (search engine results page).

There is a lot of competition on the web for SEO content. To get your content noticed, you need to try these 8 effective steps to optimize your SEO content.

Why 8? With all of those thousands of written SEO articles that describe how to write content for proper online visibility, we made it simple to 8 most important steps.

Table of Contents:

  • What is SEO Content Writing?
  • Strategically Put Your Keywords all Throughout Your Article
  • Regularly Write Informative Content and SEO-Friendly Article
  • The Art Of Creative Writing
  • Enhancing The Meta Description
  • Use Images That Matches Your Content
  • Build and Strategize Your Internal Links
  • Create An Intriguing Blog Headline
  • Make Your Content URL Simple
Writing SEO Guidelines is Infinite to guaranty your page to land on the first page of SERP

There’s just something about the number eight (8) that is really hard to decipher, maybe because it symbolizes infinity. Just like it, writing tips for improving your SEO is countless, that if you searched online, there will be thousands of websites with different ideas and different ways on how to make your website visible and making sure it gains attention which helps in conversion and reaching target goals.

SEO is a must for any type of industry, like CandyOffers that wants to establish its online presence and be a well-known brand in its respective field. That’s why having a strong SEO foundation can give your website stable traffic that comes to your site on a monthly basis. Either way, a good SEO with consistent traffic is way cheaper and more effective than paid leads.

What is SEO Content Writing?

SEO or search engine optimization content writing is the application of different keywords and key phrases inside your web content articles with the main goal of optimizing your web content to rank in search engines. It is an effective way to guaranty that your article or website lands on the first page of the search engine results page (SERP).

Copywriters and digital marketers use SEO keywords and keyword phrases to boost their organic reach and search engine rankings. It requires language proficiency and quality writing skills combined with data science knowledge and the art of creative writing. 

Here’s what I personally practice when writing a blog article – regardless of the topic I need to write about:

Strategically Placing SEO Keywords

Let’s be honest, keywords are very important in every article. Every blog writer or online article attracts more traffic when they hit the most relevant keywords or most common search keywords throughout the internet. Strategically placing your keywords all throughout the article content gives them more chances of landing the first page of search engines without the need to pay for the ads. 

However, keywords change from time to time. So better research it well and see what are the current trends.

Make it SEO friendly and refrain from squeezing too many of the same keywords in your article – use different keywords and rich keyword phrases in your paragraphs. 

Search engines don’t like overstuffing keywords and instead of putting your blog in a strategic place, it will make it hard to find instead.

I personally use at least 2-3 marketing keywords analyzers, but most of the time I use Marketing Miner. Not only does it provide keyword suggestions but also monitors your brand and your competitors’ brand and compares which one you are lacking and which one they are doing best at.

Having great SEO-friendly content makes your reader stay and read the whole article
Having great SEO-friendly content makes your reader stay and read the whole article

Regularly Write Informative Content and SEO-friendly Article

When you are writing about SEO-friendly articles, though you have a great keyword – always make sure you know what you are writing about. An article without details or information regardless of how good your SEO skills are will still damage the reputation of the article content. In order to avoid that – RESEARCH! 

Whether you are writing about dating, affiliate marketing, fintech, technology, and innovation, or anything else – having a complete understanding and grasp of the topic you are writing about will be a good story to tell. Creating high-quality content on a regular basis helps maintain your website’s ranking and page reputation by being up to date.

It’s appealing to your target audience to read something that is interesting and informative. By providing detailed information is also proclaiming yourself or the company you are writing about as an experienced key person in the industry.

Creatively write each paragraph and maintain the awesome flow of the story
Writing creatively and the flow of the story

The Art of Creative Writing

You’ve got your amazing keywords placed in their proper positions. Now, the art of storytelling or creative writing. Write for your target audience and what interests them.

You have to keep your readers hook-up and stay for more, read more, and finish your entire article. Most of the time, hard to achieve as many readers stop reading the article along the way. So here’s what to do:

Organize your thoughts and write them accordingly. Make the paragraph simple and straight to the point, avoiding unnecessary side stories that are not included on the topic of what you are writing about. 

Even if you have good content and amazing ideas and stories to tell, if the way of writing and strategic positioning in every paragraph is disorganized, your readers might lose interest in reading the whole content. 

Longer articles or many word numbers get a better ranking. Break up long paragraphs into small details or content; if the other details can be written in the next paragraphs, then do it. This technique makes it easier for readers to comprehend your ideas.

Use the tagging hierarchy and headlines to organize your articles. It helps the reader to understand the flow of your content. 

A meta description is an excerpt that shows brief info about your page
A meta description is an excerpt that shows brief info about your page,

Enhancing the Meta Description

A meta description is very important as it’s the first detail that will be shown on the web page SERP – search engine result page. It summarizes what your content is about and why the reader should click on your link.

It’s a very specific and limited character, usually 150 characters or less. This summary should be a catchy statement with keyword phrases that will attract your readers to your content. 

Make it unique, concise, and limited characters excerpts, and specifically target a critical keyword that will entice your readers to be hooked on reading your whole content.

Use Images That Matches Your Content

Who wants to read a long article without any corresponding images? Unless you are reading a novel – not a graphic novel. 

Readers, especially in the digital age, are very visual. Interesting content added with nice and catchy images that defines what your article is about will make a perfect blog impression

Using different visuals, infographics, checklists, images, and templates all throughout your page will help your readers understand more of your content ideas. If possible, add images every heading or once every after two to three paragraphs to keep your readers browsing on your content.

Having better imagery on your website content can also rank your article in the Images or Video tab of Google or any search engines which helps your site to get additional organic traffic. 

Strategically put your links all throughout the article
Strategically put your links all throughout the article

Build and Strategize Your Internal Links

Internal links are very useful for readers to easily navigate to your website. It easily points them to another content on your website to gather more information on a certain topic that was mentioned via “keyword” or “key phrase” mentioned on the current page they are browsing on – which makes your readers be further engaged from one content to another.

Linking your article URL to another web post helps ensure that your web content is picked up and viewed from another site. This increases the chances of other web posts on your site is viewed more.

So be creative in making an anchor text or phrases that are relevant to your current article that can be linked to another. This dramatically boosts the rankings on the specific keywords for your SEO content web page.

Create An Intriguing Blog Headline

An intriguing headline is very important for SEO! The headline should be catchy and attention-grabbing to entice readers to click on the link. It should also contain keywords that are relevant to the blog’s content. This way, when someone searches for terms related to your blog, you will show up at the top of their search list. A catchy blog headline will intrigue your readers and make them want to read more.

Even if you write an amazing SEO-friendly article, a terrible headline may hurt your traffic that turn off your readers. It says a lot about your article as a whole and gives a brief glimpse of what the article is all about.
It will greatly help to have a very compelling title with your keywords. Make it simple that best describe the article and if possible, make it less than 60 characters.

Make your Content URL Simple

Make your URL or link as simple and as short as possible or easy to remember, containing only the most important keywords in your whole article. A good URL is not only easy to remember but also has a high SEO ranking. The more search engines can easily index your webpage, the more likely it will be found appearing on the first page of SERP.

A good URL should be short and precise about what the page is about. It should not include any characters that are hard for search engines to read or understand. It also helps the search engines to show your site with a good placing on the search engine results page (SERP).

With all these tips, try and make your blog more interesting and see your traffic increase in no time!

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