CPA in Dating Affiliate Marketing

Are you planning on joining the fastest-growing lucrative vertical of all time? Looking for the best Dating Affiliate Marketing Offers in 2022? Congratulations! You are in for a treat. This 10-minute read is one of the very few guides on the Internet that share first-hand Industry knowledge and useful insights on promoting dating CPA offers. That being said, investing your time and efforts in promoting the best dating CPA network can help you earn as much as 30-45% of the sales you generate. But that’s not as simple as it seems!

Dating CPA offers are one of the best ways to earn handsome commissions by advertising through banner ads and push-ads etc. But delivering clicks is not the deal here. Instead, online dating affiliate marketing requires a different set of skills and an entirely different approach. Furthermore, it’s difficult to access the best traffic sources for CPA offers due to restrictions like moral policies and dating content blocks, etc. However, you can surely make top dollars by learning the expert strategies to find the best traffic sources for CPA offers. So, let’s dive in. 

What is CPA? A look into the best Dating CPA Practices!

CPA stands for “Cost Per Acquisition” or “Cost Per Action.” In simple words, CPA is a type of commission structure that networks employ to reward their affiliates for each successful referral. To generate good revenue in the Dating niche, you need to focus on the volume as well as the quality of traffic. Not every Click is ‘Converting,’ and that should be your main concern while promoting the best dating CPA network. It means a high volume of traffic is of no use unless they act on your call to action, i.e., Join via a link, etc.

The best idea is to target your CPA offers to the right audience willing to buy a membership or sign up with your partner network. Talking about adult affiliate marketing and dating affiliate programs, it’s always worth the investment and time. The best tip is to target a good quality audience to aim for higher commissions and ROIs.  

Why should you consider Joining the best dating CPA network?

The ideal traffic for Dating affiliate programs is highly interested in finding a date online. The process seems natural, so why are dating sites paying affiliates? The answer is simple. They want more and more users to join their platform, and that’s why they pay affiliates to drive sales. Almost every dating site follows the same conversion flow, i.e., drive sign-ups, implement some other limitation, and manipulate the user to become a paying member.

Here, an important point to keep in mind is many dating affiliate programs use bots to boost their following. Of course, these types of apps or platforms are not an ideal fit. You invest your hard-earned dollars and valuable time optimizing, testing, and tweaking your campaigns. Therefore, the best choice for online dating affiliate marketing is the brands with promising CPA offers and good ROI. 

Types of Payout Models in Dating Affiliate Marketing

The dating niche provides some of the best affiliate marketing opportunities for avid marketers. The best thing is affiliates can choose from a range of conversion flows and payout models as per their ease. Let’s find out how you can earn good commissions in the dating vertical with good CPA offers.  

SOI Leads (Single Opt-in)

For those, who are just starting in adult affiliate marketing, Single Opt-in leads are the best choice. Though the payout is low, the conversion rate is usually very high, and you can generate good revenue. In SOI, you only need to obtain the Email of the user, and it will be counted as a lead. An important point is to always opt for high ticket affiliate marketing offers as most of them are low paying.

DOI Leads (Double Opt-in)

DOI is the next step to SOI. Here, the affiliate needs to convince the user to confirm their subscription. DOI offers less profit compared to SOI because it’s rare that people confirm their subscription. An expert tip is to choose DOI offers only if the brand is reputable and has a genuine active user base.

Revenue Sharing (RevShare)

Revenue sharing is the most popular conversion flow available in adult affiliate marketing. The concept is simple; you get a percentage of the order value you generate. The best thing is RevShare modules offer recurring revenue, which means the affiliate receives a commission every month. Choosing a Revenue Sharing option with reputable dating brands is always a win/win condition.

Pay Per Sale (PPS/ CPS)

Another popular and commonly used payout model is Pay Per Sale. This payment module closely resembles RevShare, with the only difference being that the affiliate is not paid repeatedly. The affiliates get paid a fixed amount for each conversion they generate. 

How to Choose the Right Dating Model for CPA offers?

Reputable Offer aggregation platforms can be a great help in finding the right CPA offer to promote. Some popular aggregator platforms that you can trust are OfferVault, AffBank, and oDigger.  Word of mouth and online research are also what should inform your decision of which dating affiliate marketing company you should choose. 

There are two dating models you can work with in this niche. Let’s dive in and see which one provides more benefits.  

Mainstream Dating: In the Mainstream dating model, the users are primarily seeking a real partner and true love. Users of such sites and apps are divulging personal information about themselves such as their religion, beliefs, interests, jobs, etc. that they hope other users will find interesting about them.  As an affiliate, you can create special campaigns using these or other interest filters like traveling, pet lover, physical attributes, and many other options. Mainstream dating pays off really well with native ads, Emails, social media handles, etc.

Casual Dating: The Casual dating model is directed towards users who are seeking casual sex. Adult/porn websites provide the best conversion for casual dating CPA offers and have more than 68% male users. With that said, the Casual dating model contributes to the high ticket affiliate marketing campaigns in the dating niche. These offers promise a higher payout and are generally more converting to boot. 

Both the dating models have their benefits, but one thing is for sure; a dedicated affiliate is always winning. 

How Does CPA Marketing Work in the Dating Niche?

CPA in online dating affiliate marketing is a fun process once you understand who’s involved in the process. So, how does it work? Let’s see:

Affiliate or Publisher: The key players in a high ticket affiliate marketing program are publishers or partners. They know precisely how to drive traffic to the host program and earn handsome commissions. Now the important point is who can participate in dating affiliate programs. The answer is pretty simple; anyone having traffic interested in dating could be an ideal affiliate. For instance:

  • First off, the influencers (bloggers, businesses, brands) run a successful blog or traffic source.
  • Secondly, bloggers or publishers having an audience highly interested in online dating or casual hookups
  • Finally, admins of Facebook pages, social forums, or media platforms with an interested audience.

Advertiser or Business: The brands that invite affiliates to join hands to generate leads and increase conversions fall into this category.

CPA Network: The 3rd party or platform that brings together the brands and affiliates to make deals and expand their businesses.  

How to Promote Dating CPA Offers?

Here are some expert tips to benefit from the best affiliate marketing opportunities. Implementing these strategies will help you fist-pump your online conversions with no extra effort. These are:

  • The most important tip for promoting your dating CPA offer is to go through “Pilot Testing.” In simple words, it’s a trial phase before actually starting your real campaigns. Furthermore, this strategy helps you conduct thorough research on your campaign, target audience, traffic interests, age group, etc. You can use the Free spy tool PowerAdSpy for this purpose.
  • Secondly, the proper selection of images is very important for any campaign in the dating niche. Your dating affiliate marketing campaign is not like any other regular advertisement. So, it must be visual focused rather than optimized around ad copy. Romantic couple photos perform really well for mainstream dating, while appealing or somewhat exposed images are perfect for casual/adult dating.
  • Thirdly, your prime focus should be on attracting quality leads. With that said, quantity is also important, but quantity alone can’t generate success. A pro tip is to never optimize your campaigns solely for teenagers or young adults. Instead, set it to old demographics as they perform 35X better. In addition, don’t promise any free offer in your ad; try to keep it honest, bold, and clean.
  • Finally, don’t directly start with TIER-1 countries like the USA, UK, or Canada. Instead, begin with TIER-2 and TIER-3 countries, and when you get some experience, you can switch to TIER-1 countries. The primary reasoning behind this strategy is that TIER-1 costs more and you will have big fish affiliate marketers as your competition.

CPA Marketing Tips & Best Practices

To make the most of the best affiliate marketing opportunities, here are some expert tips that are sure to drive success.

  • Consider hiring an Affiliate Manager
  • Brainstorm new promotional concepts for your CPA offers
  • Strictly avoid CPA networks with negative ratings
  • Utilize Native Advertising
  • Consider integrating high-quality visuals and graphics in your advertising campaigns

Key Takeaway

And that’s all. We really hope that this guide about CPA in Digital Affiliate Marketing will help you unveil the secrets to success in the dating niche. Now you have a better idea of how the entire CPA affiliate system works in dating. Now that you have decided to step into this lucrative vertical let CandyOffers help you with that. With 10% higher payouts than the competitors and sky-high conversion rates, CandyOffers is Affiliates’ top choice.

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