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Table of Contents

  • What is CandyOffers?
  • Making Money with Dating Affiliate Programs
  • Dating Affiliate Pay Per Lead Programs
  • Our Best Features
  • Payout Options
  • Be part of our Success!

What is CandyOffers?

CandyOffers is a well-established affiliate marketing website with the best dating affiliate network; providing high-quality offers for advertisers and publishers. We specialize in casual dating offers. If you are searching for how to make money online with a dating affiliates platform – then CandyOffers is the place for you!

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CandyOffers Higher payouts
With CandyOffers – guaranteed higher payouts than any other affiliate marketing platform

We got a lot of exclusive offers with some of the strongest names in affiliate programs with high traffic conversion in the industry. At CandyOffers, our SmartLink maximizes your conversion rate to its highest-earning potentials.

Our platform features highly endorsed advertisements and offers that are specialized in affiliate programs for casual dating sites. Our platform also gives you access to tons of marketing tools that help every affiliate to reach their target market, attract more traffic that will maximize your conversion rates, and make sure you’re reaching your earning goals. 

We try to give the most commission and higher conversion rates as much as possible, to inspire our affiliate marketers to send more traffic. It’s a total win-win situation where affiliates get more and so do our company partners running the affiliate ads program, making it a healthy mutually beneficial relationship.

With CandyOffers together with our group of expert, dedicated account managers, we learned the perfect way for a strong and nonstop business relationship that helps both affiliate marketers and business advertisers to reach their higher conversion potentials. 

Making Money with Dating Affiliate Programs

As we’re professional marketers dealing with top dating affiliate marketing networks, we specialize in casual dating, match your age dating, date with the same perspective and interest people; and mainstream dating that guarantees real traffic conversion.

CandyOffers commission rates for every affiliate program are higher compared to other affiliate marketing options out there. Our platforms are also equipped with a global audience which helps you promote these amazing opportunities to anyone around the world.

CandyOffers has thousands of exclusive deals that are designed for  Pay Per Lead. Pay-per-lead dating affiliate marketing is divided into two types:  SOI and DOI traffic. 

Our dating affiliate marketing offers the best affiliate marketing opportunities with several dating platforms that give you more options to choose from and fits your dating niche – also it’s available in several languages. Which will make your campaigns reach different audiences.

Dating Affiliate Pay Per Lead Programs

PPL is a payout model in which affiliate marketers are paid commission according to the number of leads they get. 

SOI or single opt-in affiliate marketing means that the lead will need to enter their email after they have signed up without having the need to verify the email address. DOI or double opt-in, on the other hand, the leads will need to verify their email address after signing up.

Getting leads may be hard for some affiliate marketers especially if your target niche is about mature dating or casual hookup dating affiliates. It’s tenacious work to get effective leads for every SOI and DOI affiliate marketing. 

Whilst these campaigns lead your ads to excellent targets that point to every sale or call to action, it can be challenging and rewarding at the same time as a lot of ad sponsors want numbers of potential leads as possible. 

Ad sponsors have high demands on leads, so you’ll see lots of exclusive offers on the CandyOffers dashboard. Whether you are an expert or a newbie in dating affiliate marketer, working with advertisers or casual dating affiliates with SOI and DOI offers, will definitely deliver high payouts and get beyond your target earnings.

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Our Features as Best Dating Affiliate Network

Choose your target dating affiliate marketing location anywhere in the world.

  • Specify which countries you want your offer to run in. We’ve tied up with different strong brands in 18 countries, so where you work is up to your choice.

Sources and Stylish Landing Pages

We have choices of pre-landers that are optimized for both desktop, tablet, and mobile devices that work perfectly with all the main business sources.

Ask your devoted account managers for professional recommendations.

Cash Out your payment via Paxum, Paypal, and Wire.

  • Payments are processed Tuesday after the end of the payment period (1st and 16th of month).
  • First payment is net 30 from the end of the period when the€ 500 threshold reached. However, it’ll be carried over to the upcoming payment period, If the threshold isn’t met.
  •  Ask your dedicated account manager for further payout details.

Earn more by introducing marketers or affiliates via referrals.

  • Introduce affiliates and earn  10% recurring referral payout.
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Knowing your market criteria and distinction can help you narrow down your target and make sure it reaches the right people who are most likely to subscribe and convert to your links. Talking about quality over quantity, which definitely makes it go beyond your goal and get more efficient customers. 

  • Over €1m generated each month of business, e-commerce and dating affiliate marketing conversion.
  • Devoted, professional and highly experienced account managers
  • 18 Different Countries to run your ads campaign
  • Army of industry experts

With our dating site affiliate marketing services and innovative tools, you can promote your products with high conversion rates, more marketing affiliate opportunities that will guarantee to reach your target audiences!

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