Best Affiliate Marketing World Convention and Events in 2022

Attending affiliate world conferences is important to both affiliate marketing experts and beginners either to expand or build their marketing network. A chance to meet and greet with clients and some of the big names in the industry will help a lot in improving and setting up your affiliate programs. 

Just like in any other industry, relying on contacts and worldwide networks is one of the factors in becoming a successful affiliate marketer. Attending affiliate marketing conventions and meeting up with tons of people who are well-known experts is exceptionally influential to every affiliate marketer’s career. 

Having to speak, ask questions, or even just listen to prominent and famous affiliate marketing experts with more than a decade in the affiliate world and online industry is extremely beneficial to gain insights and technical knowledge on running successful ads campaigns to push your business to keep moving forward.

As the CandyOffers team is a regular attendee of these affiliate world conventions, we compiled the lists of the world’s most popular affiliate marketing world conventions for the year 2022. Hope to see you there!

Table of Contents:

  • Affiliate World Convention In Asia 
  • Affiliate World Convention In Europe
  • Affiliate World Convention In North America
  • Affiliate World Convention In South America
  • Affiliate World Convention In Oceania
  • Affiliate World Convention In Africa

Affiliate World Convention In Asia

Lists of Affiliate Marketing Convention in Asia
  • 28th February to 1st March 2022 Affiliate World Global Dubai, UAE – a two-day affiliate convention that combined Affiliate World Europe 2021 and Affiliate World Asia 2021 gathering the most influential and well-known affiliate marketers and e-commerce businesses owners.
  • 15th – 16th September 2022 DigiMarCon Southeast Asia, Singapore – This affiliate conference will be good for both non-experienced and expert digital marketers giving key access, insights and techniques on how to grow your business and increase your conversion in the digital and affiliate marketing world. It will feature crucial topics such as email marketing, geo-tagging and proximity marketing, paid search marketing, predictive analytics and distribution, viral and buzz marketing, growth hacking and many more.
  • 13th-14th November 2022 DMIEXPO Tel Aviv, Israel – It is one of the fastest growing affiliate marketing conferences and expo where participants get a chance to meet and speak with the leading experts and professionals in the affiliate world. It’s a great opportunity for experts and newcomers alike to expand their connections and networks.
  • TBA Affiliate Summit APAC, Singapore – A two day conference for affiliate marketers with different experience levels that will provide more insights for the beginner and performance enhancement for the expert affiliate marketers on reaching your target audience for higher conversion. This event is good to connect with the leading digital marketers and speakers to tackle influencer marketing, improving marketing strategies and tactics, mobile apps and technology, and publisher discovery.

Affiliate World Convention In Europe

  • 2nd to 5th February 2022 iGB Affiliate London, England – formerly known as London Affiliate Conference which specializes in iGaming industry and primarily aims to assist affiliates  on how to expand their networks, partnerships, analyze their business strategy and improve it for more profitable gain.
  • 23rd to 26th February 2022 TES Affiliate Conference, Barcelona, Spain,
  • TBA TES Affiliate Conference Prague, Czech Republic –  It’s a huge affiliate summit with speakers from most notable people in digital products, adult, and casual dating industry. This conference mainly focuses on the entertainment industry and digital products with speakers from the most well-known sites and people from online entertainment, adult dating, fintechs, iGaming, online gaming, forex and many more. 
  • 28th February to 3rd March 2022 Mobile World Congress, Barcelona, Spain – If you are into mobiles and tech industry affiliate marketing, this one’s for you. Mobile World Congress is full of well-known speakers pioneering mobile operations, device manufacturers and technology providers. Meeting these people with impressive track records in the mobile and technology industry, is a huge leap forward for better affiliate connections. Last year’s event, they had Mr. Elon Musk of Tesla as a guest speaker.
  • July 2022 Affiliate Summit Amsterdam, Netherlands – Women in Business! This affiliate summit in Amsterdam is packed with 100% women speakers that will talk and share their obstacles and how they managed to go through that in the affiliate marketing world and provide their insights to grow your business. This is a must see affiliate event that gives the notable women in the industry that continuously gives their effort on transforming the world of affiliate marketing.

Affiliate World Convention In North America

Lists of Affiliate Marketing Convention in North America
  • 26th April 2022 PI Live Advanced New York, USA – Build a Profitable Partnership is a one-day affiliate marketing conference for e-commerce brands and retailers that focuses on enhancing marketing planning and strategies for wider or global reach.
  • 11th-12th July 2022 TECHSPO Los Angeles, California – TECHSPO Los Angeles brings you some of the best developers, brand owners, founders, technology providers and designers to showcase their business to consumers and affiliate marketers, giving an insider glimpse to the ever changing world of technology. 

Affiliate World Convention In South America
Lists of Affiliate Marketing Convention in South America
  • 26th to 28th May 2022 Expo Afiliados Sao Paulo, Brazil – It is one of the biggest affiliate conventions in South America which gives different businesses, webmasters, affiliate marketers and agency companies the opportunity to enter the Latin American market. It aims to provide ideas and develop techniques on improving affiliate marketing income and properly monetize your ad campaign projects around Latin America.
Affiliate World Convention In Oceania
Lists of Affiliate Marketing Convention in Oceania
  • 22nd-23rd March 2022 DigiMarCon Sydney, Australia – This two-day affiliate conference has a lot of well known people with decades of experience in the digital marketing world. Sharing their experience and tactics on how to move your business forward in the digital marketing, affiliate marketing and advertising industry. Providing the attendees with a glimpse on the latest trends and innovations in mobile, adtech and Saas technology.

Affiliate World Convention In Africa
Lists of Affiliate Marketing Convention in Africa
  • 27th- 28th October 2022 TECHSPO Technology Expo, Cape Town, South Africa,
  • 2nd-3rd November 2022 TECHSPO Technology Expo, Johannesburg, South Africa – One of the largest affiliate expos in South Africa bringing you insights into the next-generation technology and innovation, where you can also connect with other technology aficionados and collaborate with big projects. This expo brings together brand owners, developers, technology providers, founders, business owners, and exhibitors. It will be a great opportunity for affiliate marketers to meet and greet with these brands for future collaboration.

*Due to the current world situation on Covid-19, we strongly recommend contacting the organizers directly in case there’s a sudden change of dates and venues. 

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