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10 Best SEO Tools That Professionals Actually Use in 2022

Search Engine Optimization, aka SEO, has always been competitive. There is nothing quite like an unexpected Google Algorithm update to leave you equal parts perplexed and concerned. It seems like Google waits for the website owners to get their ducks in a row and then drops a bombshell of another update. Therefore, to stand out from the competition, you need to constantly improve your website’s SEO strategies. That’s exactly where the list of our Best SEO Tools comes in.

The tools help with tasks like keyword research, data analysis, auditing and monitoring your site’s health, etc. More importantly, they provide a clear perspective of how Google sees your website and how to improve the ranking further. The good news is many of these tools are FREE or at least have a free version for starters. Our experts at CandyOffers have put together a list of the best SEO tools that you can use to improve your local SEO, national SEO, eCommerce SEO, and more. So, without any further ado, let’s start!

Why Should You Consider Using SEO Tools?

Best SEO Tools Professionals Actually Use

Internet marketing is always evolving, and so is SEO. As a responsible business owner, you need to stay on your toes to catch up with the Algorithm updates. Here are some important benefits of using the best SEO audit tools. So, let’s jump in:

  • Firstly, these tools help evaluate what strategy is working best for your brand and what needs further tweaking.
  • Secondly, the best SEO reporting tools help improve your website’s online visibility on the SERP. It, in turn, brings more traffic and customers to your site.
  • Thirdly, the best local SEO tools help access your website’s performance on the fly. Additionally, these tools are super helpful in measuring search performance with respect to regions, countries, and languages.
  •  Finally, the best SEO tools for WordPress save hours of effort, especially if you are managing multiple websites.

Top 10 Best SEO Tools to Audit and Monitor your Site (2022)

Let us walk you through our Best SEO Tools (Free) list that you can copy and use. Most of the tools are free, but you might find their paid version offering more features. So, let’s begin!

#1 Answer the Public

Unlike most SEO tools that get their ideas from Google keyword planners, Answer the Public is unique. The tool collects the data from the questions or discussions that are trending on reputable blogs, forums, or social media. So, when you search for something on this tool, it gives you a nifty insight into the related long-tail keywords.

Best Feature: “VS Keywords.” 

#2 Seobility

Seobility is one of the most powerful crawlers that highlights all the SEO issues of your website. Additionally, you don’t have to buy high-end tools when you can get the same results from Seobility for FREE. Moreover, the tool hands you a list of pages underscoring SEO issues like,

  • Slow loading pages
  • Blocked pages
  • Sitemap problems
  • Technical SEO issues and a lot more
Providing Details to your readers questions

Best Feature: Content Report

#3 Animalz Revive

What could be more frustrating than manually combing through your Google Analytics account and finding content that needs updating? Animalz Revive is the perfect solution to this problem. The tool highlights the old content that needs improvement, update or upgrade. The best thing is it exactly marks out those articles that need the most attention to meet the standards.

Best Feature: “Traffic Loss Since Peak” with the prime focus on Views

#4 Google Search Console

One of the best SEO analysis tools you will ever find is Google Search Console. Using this tool means getting advice straight from Google. No list of the best SEO-free tools is complete without this feature-rich SEO software. Moreover, you can always be 100% that the data is legit – after all, it’s from the ranking search engine itself.

Best Feature: Index Coverage Report

#5 Ubersuggest

From keywords suggestions to competitors’ analysis, domain authority, backlink, and traffic checking, Ubersuggest does it all. The best thing is the tool is 100% free. However, you can perform only 3 functions a day. So, if you run multiple websites and have to perform more functions, you may want to purchase the premium package. The good thing is all the suggested keywords have great volume and are super targeting and highly converting.

Best Feature: Keywords Comparison

#6 Google Analytics

Together, Google Search Console and Google Analytics make the most powerful duo. Linking both these accounts hooks you up with important information like your organic CTR, keywords that get you the most traffic, and other cool stuff. Additionally, the data best describes whether or not your SEO strategies are paying off.

Google Analytics is extremely powerful as it provides data like:

  • Firstly, organic traffic
  • Secondly, the bounce rate
  • Third, traffic sources
  • Time on site
  • Finally, page speed and so much more.

Best Feature: Google Search Console and Google Analytics integration

Best SEO Tools Professionals Actually Use


Next in our best SEO, free tools list is – an effective tool that goes a different way. Furthermore, it’s the best tool to get intel on your competitors. Just put your niche in the search bar, and it will curate a list of the most popular websites in the industry. That way, you can size up your competitors and copy the strategies they are using. Additionally, the best thing is you also get information about who recently tweeted about your competing website.

Best Feature: Mentions

#8 SERPerator

Not many tools in the market can portray an exact image of what your search results look like on SERP and where your website or e-store stands. Luckily, SERPerator is an incredible tool that specializes in local searches. Furthermore, the tool allows you to check the SERP for a given keyword across different devices and locations. You might be surprised to see the dramatic SERP changes depending on your location and device. For instance, try searching for “Coffee Shop” on two devices, i.e., An Android phone and a MacBook. The results will amaze you.

Best Feature: Compare Devices’ Results

#9 Screaming Frog

Talking about our favorite Best SEO tools, how can we forget Screaming Frog. Google frowns on duplicate content, and just like its name, the tool screams when it detects pages with duplicate content. Let’s face it; technical issues are a huge pain for every website owner. Don’t worry. Screaming frog is the perfect solution that helps find and fix all the technical SEO problems in seconds. From HTTP header errors to bloated HTML or crawl errors, screaming frog detects it all.

Best Feature: Discover duplicate content 

#10 Yoast WordPress Plugin

Last on the list is our ultimate favorite, the Yoast WordPress plugin. It’s by far the most critical and robust SEO plugin in the market. The best part – It’s absolutely FREE. Moreover, the tool automatically updates your sitemap every time you add a new post to your site. Simply amazing! So, if you are a website owner, the Yoast plugin is your go-to SEO tool.

Best Feature: XML Sitemap Generator

Bottom Line

And that sums up our list featuring the best SEO tools in 2022. This blog is a goldmine of SEO treasures that you can use to outshine your competition. Do you use them already? What SEO tool appeals to you the most? Tell us more about your favorite tools, or ask a question if you want. We would love to hear from you. 

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